Prefabricated and Weld-Up Metal Buildings in Palestine, TX

Eagle Steel Buildings has designed commercial and residential weld-up and prefabricated metal buildings in Palestine, TX, since 1996. Our team of professional designers, engineers, and craftsmen is committed to outshining all of our competitors with outstanding quality and excellent customer service.

Our team is dedicated to providing a wide range of steel buildings, from metal shops to the humble metal storage shed in your backyard. We have a wide range of prefab metal buildings available, and we’d love to help you find the perfect one.

Contact us today if you need a metal building in Palestine, TX. We’ll be able to talk to you about our capabilities and help you find the perfect one for your situation.

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Why Pre-Engineered Metal is Better than Brick and Mortar

At Eagle Steel Buildings near Palestine, TX, we pride ourselves on a better product at a lower price than traditional construction. Our building materials are less expensive, and labor is twice as fast as a brick and mortar project, which saves you both time and money without compromising quality.

Metal buildings are not just a better economic choice for your construction project, however. One of the most valuable benefits our clients love about metal buildings is the speed of construction.

Our team can erect large and complex steel buildings in Palestine, TX, in a matter of days. That’s because our building materials are prefabricated before we begin construction. Every beam and wall panel is measured and cut before they are delivered on-site, allowing for quick installation when our team of professional craftsmen arrives.

The Benefits Of Building In Steel

Low Maintenance Costs

Unlike traditional building materials, steel is non-porous. This means that dirt and water have a difficult time getting a foothold into steel. It also means that it doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance, both immediately and over the long term.

To keep your steel building looking its best, all you really need to do is hose it off regularly. Yearly power washing can also keep it looking its best.

Long-Term Durability

Steel builds will stand up to almost anything Texas weather can throw at them. Rain, sleet, snow–steel’s durability ensures that it’s a good long-term investment. Corrugated metal is resistant to impacts, corrosion, and water–making it a prime building material.

This also means that steel is cheaper to insure. Insurance agents love steel buildings because there isn’t much that can damage them.


You can build almost everything with steel, from a home to a warehouse. Steel’s one of the most versatile building materials that exist. Whether you’re building a simple shed, a multi-use building, or even a school, steel’s a great choice to get the look–and the savings, you want.


Steel is incredibly cost-effective. It’s easy to build with and install, which means that your builder needs less time and effort for each building. These cost savings is passed on to you. Of course, you won’t have a lot of maintenance costs either, and once a steel building is erected you can expect it to last for decades.

Eagle Steel Buildings Can Design & Build

Metal Garages

Metal garage buildings are incredibly durable, and Eagle Steel Buildings can design a metal garage for one, two, three, or more vehicles. We can add in storage space, a small shop–anything you may want out of a garage.

Metal Storage Buildings

Metal sheds are incredibly popular. They’re durable and can be built in a variety of sizes–often in very little time. Eagle Steel Buildings can ensure that you get a great storage building. Get a quote for a metal shed in Palestine, TX today.

Metal Barns

A lot of farmers are turning to steel for their barns. Their durability is the main reason, but they also last a long time. You can erect a metal barn and expect it to last for decades–and maybe even longer than that.

Metal Shop Buildings

Whether for personal or commercial use, a steel shop is a great investment and can be designed for how you plan on using the building. Eagle Steel Buildings can design everything from a simple woodshop to a multi-bay mechanical shop.

Metal Warehouses

Steel is a great material for building a warehouse: it goes up fast and you can rely on it to protect whatever is inside. Eagle Steel Buildings has the capability to design and install large warehouses, either to rent for storage or otherwise.

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