Metal Shop Buildings in Tyler, TX

Custom Metal Shop for Tyler, TX Homeowners and Businesses

Finding the right best storage building to fit your needs is a hassle. Skip the headache. Create your own with Eagle Steel Buildings.

Our Tyler, TX prefab metal buildings are completely customizable. Whether you need a commercial or residential metal shop, we fabricate metal shop buildings with all the space and versatility you need.

Don’t settle for a backyard shed when you can get a custom shop that looks great and does exactly what you need.

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Design Your Custom Metal Workshop Building

Design the Layout

Your metal shop building can be tailor-made to fit your needs. Select your metal shop’s dimensions. Decide on essential features such as storage space for your equipment and other necessities.

Architectural Features

Personalize your metal shop building with architectural enhancements. Add on an awning, porch, carport, or other structural elements.

Windows & Doors

Do you prefer standard entrances, or maybe roll-up doors? You get to choose wherever your steel shop’s windows and doors need to go.

Colors & Accents

From classic neutrals to vibrant accents, explore our range of color options to find the ideal palette for your metal shop building. Don't forget about those accents and trim colors that really make your metal shop building stand out.

Residential Steel Shop Buildings

A metal workshop doesn’t just give you a space to work on DIY projects or store tools and gardening equipment. With the proper insulation and amenities, you can even turn a steel shop into a guest house or in-lawn suite.

With Eagle Steel Buildings, you're not just a bystander. Let our metal building designers know how you want to use your steel shop. We collaborate with you to create a building that caters to your needs and boosts your property value.

Contact Eagle Steel Buildings to learn more about our turnkey metal workshops in Tyler, TX.

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Commercial Steel Shop Buildings

Whether you're launching a new business, expanding your operations, or upgrading your existing workspace, our steel shop building in Tyler can be customized for any commercial project.

Our metal shop designers work with you to understand your business’s needs. Then, we help you craft a custom metal shop where every square foot is optimized for productivity.

From manufacturing facilities to warehouses and distribution centers, our commercial metal shop buildings are engineered to meet the demands of your industry.

Contact us to create a commercial metal shop building that fuels your business’s growth.

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Why East Texans Choose our Metal Shop Builders

More Durability

Steel surpasses wood, stone, and even brick in terms of durability. East Texas weather can be brutal. But it poses no challenge for steel structures which are resilient and require significantly fewer repairs over the years.

Lower Costs

Compared to wood and brick, steel is a cost-effective and more manageable alternative. It’s easier on your wallet and on your workforce. Unlike wood and brick, steel doesn't require a massive crew to handle it. This means lower labor costs.

Less Maintenance

Steel buildings practically take care of themselves. Thanks to steel's non-porous nature, it naturally repels dirt, grime, and water damage. With a steel shop, you get a building that stands strong without demanding constant attention.

More Versatility

Steel is incredibly versatile. From aircraft hangars, to steel churches, and everything in between, your creative possibilities are limitless. You can bring practically any architectural vision to life with the flexibility and adaptability of steel.

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For over 20 years, Eagle Steel Buildings has been the trusted name for crafting exceptional custom steel shop buildings in East Texas. Since 1996, we've been dedicated to constructing metal structures while providing unmatched customer service.

If you're thinking about adding a steel shop building or any other metal structure to your property, reach out to us today. Experience for yourself why Eagle Steel Buildings has gained the trust of countless East Texans.