Metal Buildings from tyler, tx to dallas, tx

High-quality, low-price, and fast delivery are said to be an impossible combination. You can’t have one without sacrificing another. At Eagle Steel Buildings, however, we make an exception to that rule. Our durable steel buildings can withstand the heavy winds of a hurricane, cost a fraction of the price of traditional construction, and can be erected in a matter of days. Take that, status quo!

Whether your concern is savings, durability, or flexibility, a steel building is an excellent option for your home or business.

Here are a few of the nearly endless building styles we have engineered.

Steel Churches

When it comes to a new building project, most churches have two primary concerns: staying under budget and creating an atmosphere that inspires worship. Many congregations are surprised when they experience the beauty and ambiance of a worship center built with prefabricated metal.

Give us a call and let us help you design a church building that will meet all of your unique needs as a house of worship.

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Aircraft Hangars

Airports don’t build airplane hangars with metal just because they’re less expensive than other materials. They also trust the durability of steel to protect their planes from severe weather such as wind and hail.

Let Eagle Steel Buildings engineer a custom-made hangar for your aircraft that will save you money, provide total security, and give you peace of mind.

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Metal Shop Buildings

Whether you need space for storage or to run your home business, we’ll custom-design a prefab metal shop building with all the space, versatility, and functionality you need. Don’t settle for a backyard shed when you can have a comfortable space that both looks beautiful and increases your home’s property value.

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Metal Garages

A metal garage can protect your vehicles from nearly anything, be it hail, wind damage, theft, or vandalism. Additionally, a one or two-car metal garage, whether attached or detached, can increase your property value by tens of thousands of dollars.

Let us engineer a safe and secure prefab or weld-up metal garage for your vehicles with commanding curb appeal.

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Space and versatility are the most critical factors in building a warehouse. That’s why smart companies choose pre-engineered steel. At Eagle Steel Buildings, we’ll craft a warehouse that can grow with your company. Our pre-engineered metal buildings are versatile enough to fit your needs now and expand as your company grows.

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Metal Barns

If you own a barn, the last thing you need to do is spend all your time making repairs. While cheaper, pole-barns and similar style barns require continual maintenance. The wood beams in the walls of pole-barns damage in severe weather and repairs are needed around-the-clock until it’s finally time to rebuild. If you want a structure that will last, build with steel. At Eagle Steel Buildings, we’ll prefabricate a durable metal barn that will last forever.

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Metal Storage Buildings

Whether you need extra storage room for your belongings or a dedicated workspace, our team is ready to craft a custom prefab metal storage shed that meets your needs. Our metal storage buildings in Tyler, TX, are made of durable steel that protects your belongings from harsh weather. Learn more about our steel storage sheds today.

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Endless Possibilities

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