Metal Barns in Tyler, TX

Custom Steel Barns for Tyler, TX Homeowners and Businesses

Your barn should streamline your farming or ranching operation - not hinder them. Traditional barns come with the hefty hidden cost of constant maintenance. This delays and distracts you from your work.

For a lasting solution, opt for a steel barn. At East Steel Building, we craft prefabricated metal barns that stand the test of time.

Eagle Steel Buildings helps East Texas residential and commercial clients get a custom metal barn that fits their property.

Design Your Custom Metal Barn

Design the Layout

Choose your custom metal barn dimensions. Then pick out structural features like storage space for your farm equipment and anything else.

Architectural Features

Customize your barn with a variety of architectural features. Add on awnings, and more.

Windows & Doors

Pick whether you want standard entry points or roll-up doors for your metal barn. Decide where the doors and windows will go.

Colors & Accents

From classic neutrals to bold accents, find the perfect color for your barn. Plus, add trim colors and accents to your barn.

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Regular Metal Barns

Protecting your farm equipment and livestock is a top priority, but finding an affordable yet sturdy solution can be a challenge.

Check out the prefabricated regular metal barns from Eagle Steel Buildings. They have a slightly curved silhouette and provide both functionality and style.

Our regular metal barns in Tyler, TX are the affordable way to keep your property safe. Contact Eagle Steel Buildings to learn more about our custom steel barns.

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A-Frame Metal Barns

Finding an attractive and durable barn that doesn't break the bank used to be a challenge. Eagle Steel’s A-Frame barn changed that, though.

Our A-Frame steel barn is not only stylish but very budget-friendly. East Texans love the boxed eave style roof not just because it looks great. It’s also an affordable metal barn roof option.

Elevate your property with our A-Frame metal barn.

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Vertical Metal Barns

When it comes to versatility and customization, our vertical metal barns take the lead.

Other storage options often lack the vertical space needed for effective storage which leads to clutter and disorganization. Our vertical steel barns solve this problem by optimizing vertical space so you can store more farm and ranch equipment.

Contact Eagle Steel Buildings to lean more about our custom, vertical metal barns

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Why East Texans Choose to Build with Steel

More Durability

Steel outshines wood, stone, and at times, even brick, when it comes to durability. The weather in East Texas can be relentless, but steel structures stand strong and need far fewer repairs through the years.

Lower Costs

In comparison to wood and brick, steel proves to be both economical and easier to work with. Plus, you don’t need a huge crew to work on it. This means lower labor costs which make steel buildings a more affordable option than other construction methods.

Less Maintenance

Being non-porous, steel naturally repels dirt, grime, and water damage. This reduces your maintenance costs. You get a building that not only lasts longer but also demands less of your time and energy.

More Versatility

From aircraft hangers, to steel churches, and more, you can build most anything with steel. When you build with steel, your creativity is never limited.

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For more than two decades, Eagle Steel Buildings has been the go-to choice for East Texans who want top-notch custom metal buildings. Since 1996, we’ve been crafting durable metal structures and delivering unparalleled customer service.

If you’re considering adding a barn or any other metal building to your property, get in touch with us today. Discover firsthand why Eagle Steel Buildings has earned the trust of countless East Texans.