Metal Warehouses in Tyler, TX

Custom Metal Warehouses for Tyler, TX

In the business world, a building’s size and adaptability increase success. That’s why companies are choosing pre-engineered steel warehouses.

At Eagle Steel Buildings, our steel builders craft custom metal warehouses engineered to your specs.

Our pre-engineered steel warehouses are the epitome of versatility. They’re made to meet your needs now and seamlessly adapt as your company grows.

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Design Your Custom Metal Warehouse

Customize Warehouse Dimensions

Decide the size of your metal warehouse based on your storage needs and available space. Consider factors like inventory volume, equipment dimensions, and operational requirements.

Architectural Features

Personalize your metal warehouse by incorporating architectural features that suit your business. Add elements like canopies, overhangs, and other structural enhancements.

Loading Docks and Bays

If your warehouse involves the movement of goods, customize the layout to include loading docks and bays. Pick how many you need and how big they need to be based on your industry.

Windows, Doors, and Entry Points

Place doors where you need them. Decide what type you need like standard entrances or roll-up doors. Decide on the location and size of the windows.

Colors & Accents for Metal Warehouses

Pick from various colors to ensure your metal warehouse blends well with its surroundings or aligns with your brand colors. Don’t forget to select trim colors and accents.

Insulation and Climate Control

Customize the building to include insulation materials to regulate temperature and energy efficiency. This is especially important if your warehouse stores temperature-sensitive goods.

Rigid Frame Metal Buildings

These buildings have a rigid steel frame that provides structural support. They are great for large clear-span spaces like warehouses that need lots of open interior space.

Straight-Wall Buildings

Straight-wall buildings have a traditional straight-line roof and walls. They are versatile and can be customized for warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Single-Slope Metal Buildings

Single-slope buildings have a sloping roof that provides a modern and aesthetically pleasing design. They are often used for smaller warehouses.

Why East Texans Choose our Steel Warehouse Builders

More Durability

It’s crucial to have a building that withstands the brutal East Texas weather. Steel outshines wood, stone, and brick when it comes to durability. This means less maintenance over time.

Lower Costs

Unlike pricier alternatives such as wood and brick, steel is easy on your budget. It doesn’t demand a huge workforce to handle it which reduces overall labor costs.

Minimal Maintenance

Steel pretty much maintains itself. Its non-porous nature repels dirt and water damage, ensuring your belongings remain safe without the need for constant worry or extensive upkeep.

More Versatility

Whether you want a small storage building or an aircraft hangar, design virtually any type of building with steel. Steel adapts seamlessly to most construction needs, providing a solution for every architectural vision.

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Eagle Steel has been a top custom steel building company in East Texas for more than two decades. Since 1996, we’ve built our reputation on creating high-quality metal buildings and providing excellent customer service.

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