Metal Storage Buildings in Tyler, TX

Custom Metal Sheds for Tyler, TX Homeowners and Businesses

If you’re frustrated with flimsy sheds that barely withstand harsh weather, it’s time to upgrade your storage solution with a custom metal storage shed.

At Eagle Steel Buildings, we craft our custom metal sheds in Tyler, TX, from galvanized steel. This means you don’t have to worry about rust or decay.

Customize everything from your steel shed’s dimensions to its accent colors. Contact our metal building company in Tyler, TX, to start designing your steel shed.

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Design Your Custom Metal Storage Shed

Design the Layout

Customize your metal shed building to meet your needs. Pick the dimensions of your metal shop and consider essential features like storage space for equipment and other necessities.

Architectural Features

Personalize your steel shed building by incorporating architectural features. Add an awning, porch, carport, or other structural elements to make your metal shop unique.

Windows & Doors

Choose whether you want a standard entrance or roll-up doors. You even get to pick where your windows and doors are located.

Colors & Accents

Pick from our variety of color options like classic neutrals or vibrant accents. Make sure your steel storage shed building is the right color. Don’t forget to pick out accents and trim colors.

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Residential Steel Storage Buildings

Purchasing a metal storage building doesn’t just make your home clutter-free. Use your metal storage building as a

Our steel building company is involved every step of the way. Let our designers know how you want to use your residential metal storage building. We’ll work with you to craft a building that fits your requirements.

Start designing your metal storage shed in Tyler, TX, today.

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Commercial Steel Storage Buildings

If you need extra storage space for your business, create a custom storage shed to fit your business.

Our commercial metal storage sheds in Tyler, TX, are constructed from high-quality steel. They’re strong enough to withstand harsh weather and keep your belongings safe.

Whether you need to safeguard valuable equipment, store inventory, or more, our steel buildings are the perfect solution .

Work with our metal shed designers today to create the best storage shed customized to you.

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Why East Texans Choose our Steel Shed Builders

More Durability

Steel outperforms wood, stone, and brick in terms of durability. This is crucial in the challenging East Texas weather conditions. Steel structures are more resilient which means less maintenance.

Lower Costs

Unlike pricier wood and brick options, steel is your budget’s best friend. It’s not just affordable. It also doesn’t need a huge work crew to handle it. This reduces labor costs.

Less Maintenance

Steel pretty much takes care of itself. Thanks to steel being non-prus, it repels grime, dirt, and water damage. You don’t have to worry about it keeping your belongings safe.

More Versatility

Whether you want a steel workshop or aircraft hanger, design virtually any type of steel building. Enjoy unlimited versatility with steel.

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At Eagle Steel Buildings, our legacy spans more than two decades. Over that time, we’ve become the go-to custom steel building company in East Texas. That’s due to our commitment to crafting top-notch metal buildings while delivering unparalleled customer service ever since 1996.

If you have questions about our metal storage building or other metal structures, contact us today. Discover firsthand why Eagle Steel Buildings has earned the trust of East Texans.