Prefabricated Metal Buildings in New Chapel Hill, TX

Custom Designed Steel Buildings–For Whatever You Need

These days, more and more businesses and homeowners are building metal buildings. Steel is a flexible building material that’s easy to install, making it a great choice for everything from homes to schoolhouses.

Eagle Steel Buildings is a trusted metal building contractor in New Chapel Hill, TX. We offer fully custom steel construction and have worked on residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

We work closely with our clients to help them design and install a metal building that meets their unique needs, no matter what those may be.

If you’re thinking about metal building construction, you won’t find a more experienced or dedicated team in East Texas.

The Benefits of Building with Steel


You can build almost anything with steel. Eagle Steel Buildings has helped our clients design and construct churches, schools, and humble storage sheds. When building with steel, the only thing you’re limited by is your imagination.


Steel buildings can withstand the worst weather East Texas can throw at them. As a material, steel is incredibly durable, and wind, hail, and even the occasional snowstorm won’t damage a steel building.

Lower Cost

Steel is affordable and relatively easy to work with. This means that you can expect much lower construction costs than you would have if you built with traditional materials, and steel costs less over time to maintain and repair.

Lower Maintenance

Unlike stone, wood, and other materials, metal is non-porous. This contributes to how durable it is, but it also simplifies maintenance on steel buildings. This makes long-term costs for maintenance lower than other building materials.

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Custom Steel Construction Services

Metal Storage Buildings

When most people think of metal buildings, they imagine a storage building. While steel can do almost anything, it’s great for both residential, commercial, and industrial storage because it is low-cost and easy to maintain.

Metal Homes

Steel’s durability and low cost make it a great option for building a custom or prefabricated home. A home build with steel will be easy to maintain and cheap to insure–all while being more cost-effective than traditional materials.

Metal Garages

Commercial or residential, Eagle Steel Buildings can design a garage to meet your needs. Customize the number of bays, entry points, and anything else you need to get the garage you need.

Metal Carports

Whether you’re protecting your car or your RV, Eagle Steel Buildings can design and install a custom metal carport for your New Chapel Hill, TX, home or business. Customize the design, style, and size.

Metal Shop Buildings

Eagle Steel Buildings has helped homeowners and businesses design and build metal shops for their unique needs. We work closely with our clients to identify their uses, then help them design and build a shop that will do everything they need–and want.

Metal Warehouses

A lot of commercial and industrial companies choose to build their warehouses and other large buildings in steel. Eagle Steel Buildings can design and erect a warehouse or other large building to meet your construction needs.

Metal Barns

Steel’s durability and longevity make it a good option for the agriculture industry.

Metal Churches

Religious organizations like building with steel because it allows them to save on construction costs and maintenance, allowing them to build bigger or more complex buildings. Eagle Steel Buildings can help design and construct a metal church your congregation will love.

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If you’re looking to build, steel is a great option, and Eagle Steel Buildings is standing by to help you design your building, prepare for construction, and help you get a building that meets your exact needs.

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