Weld Up And Prefabricated Metal Buildings In Center, TX

Whether they’re looking to build for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes, business owners are using steel more and more frequently. Steel buildings offer a lot of benefits over traditional materials, including lower insurance premiums, better energy efficiency, and longer lasting constructions.

Eagle Steel Buildings has been helping people looking for metal buildings in Center, TX since 1996. We have extensive experience and expertise when it comes to designing, building, and installing weld up steel buildings.

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Benefits Of Steel Buildings


Steel is non-porous, unlike traditional building materials. That means it attracts less dirt, and less dirt means less long-term wear and tear. It also means that cleaning and maintaining your metal building is a snap.


Steel is strong. It withstands inclement weather better than traditional materials. Wind, rain, snow--steel is going to weather storms better than wood and stone. That means that steel buildings will last longer and require fewer repairs, no matter what East Texas throws at them.


The only limit to what a steel building can do is your imagination. Schools, churches--steel is capable of being molded into whatever you want or need it to be, and Eagle Steel Buildings can help design a perfect steel structure for you.


Steel is cost-effective, and steel buildings erect faster than buildings made from other materials. Both of these contribute to lower startup costs. Fewer repairs and lower insurance premiums also lower cost over time.

Metal Building Styles

Metal Carports

A lot of homeowners are looking to build a separate carport, and steel is a great option. A metal garage offers an affordable alternative to traditional materials while boasting increased protection for your vehicles.

RV Carports

More and more people are vacationing in recreational vehicles, and they need to be protected when not in use. A metal RV carport can help protect your investment throughout the winter months.

Metal Barns

Ranchers and farmers are frequently looking at steel when building to protect their equipment and livestock. Steel is cost-effective and provides excellent protection against the elements with little to no maintenance needed.

Metal Shop Buildings

Whether for personal or commercial use, a metal shop is a great investment. It’s simple to install, easy to maintain, and incredibly versatile, all allowing you to focus on your work instead of on repairs.

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