Eagle Steel Buildings is a metal building construction company near Bullard, TX that specializes in high quality pre-engineered steel structures.

From customized vertical roofs to easy to construct storage buildings, Eagle Steel Building can handle any project you can dream up.

Customizable Metal Buildings in Bullard, Texas

The options are endless with metal buildings. If you have an idea in mind, whether that’s a new storage solution or a business in Bullard, we can make it happen.

You can fully customize your build in Bullard, TX with Eagle Steel, empowering you to be the designer. Our job is to help you execute your design, offering guidance about best practices along the way.

With customizable options, you get to choose from roof styles, doors, and windows that fit the needs of your Bullard area project.

Builds our customers could request are:

Metal Storage Buildings

A storage building is a simple addition that increases the value of your property. Whether you’re looking for a small shed or a larger storage facility, Eagle Steel Building can design a custom steel storage building for your residential or commercial property.

Metal Shop Buildings

A steel shop building can give you the workspace you’ve always dreamed of having. Whether for personal or professional use, Eagle Steel Buildings can design a metal shop building to your exact specifications and size.

Metal Barns

Metal can provide superior protecting and durability for your farm & ranch buildings. Eagle Steel Buildings can help you design a metal barn to house livestock, feed & seed, or your farm equipment safely–all without breaking the bank.

Metal Warehouses

Steel warehouses are becoming increasingly common because metal is a great material for these structures–durable and cost-effective. Whether for personal or commercial use, Eagle Steel Buildings can design a custom metal warehouse structure for you or your business.

Metal Garages

Metal garages provide superior protection for your vehicle, and can be built with storage space, a small apartment, or anything else you can dream up. Eagle Steel Buildings’ custom metal garages can be designed to suit your exact needs.

Metal Churches

A lot of pastors are electing to build new churches with steel because it’s affordable and easily customizable. No matter what you’re building on your campus, Eagle Steel Buildings can provide a customized metal building designed to your specifications.

Metal Schools

A lot of smaller school districts are choosing to build with steel because its affordable and allows them to customize the buildings to their needs. If you’re building a structure on your campus, Eagle Steel Buildings can help.

The Eagle Steel Buildings Advantage

A prefabricated building offers a wide range of benefits to customers in the Bullard area.


Prefabricated steel buildings are significantly less expensive than construction with traditional building companies. With the option to order a building kit, the building cost fits within most any budget. Contact us today for more information on building pricing.


We can have your building up in less than half the time of traditional construction. If you’re ready to get moving on your Bullard, TX business, prefabricated construction is a smart move.


We provide the highest quality materials that can withstand hail damage and extreme winds. Steel is anti corrosive, rust proof, fire resistant, and can stand up to seismic activity better than any other material. When you order a steel building, you can trust it will be in Bullard for years to come.

Easy to Maintain

Steel is non-porous, which means that it’s resistant to oxidation, wear, tear, dirt, and grime. It’s easier to maintain than traditional building materials, and this ensures it’s long-lasting and requires less effort to keep it for a lifetime.

Cheap to Insure

Insurance providers love steel buildings. Because they’re more durable than traditional materials, they’re less likely to be damaged by weather events. They require less maintenance, and last a long time. You can expect lower insurance premiums when you build with steel.

Request a Quote on Your Prefabricated Steel Building

If you’re looking for a new steel storage building, a metal building kit, or advice on details like roofs and walls, we would love to talk to you today. Give us a call and get started on your Bullard, TX build right away.

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