Tyler, TX is one of the fastest-growing cities in all of East Texas. Commerce is booming, and residential areas are quickly developing. Whether you're planning to start a new business or build a home, a weld-up or pre-engineered steel building could be your best return on investment.

The Benefits of a Prefab Steel Building

At Eagle Steel Buildings, our craftsmen are skilled at saving you both time and money by using less expensive materials than traditional construction and erecting your metal building in Tyler, TX in half the time.

The cost-efficiency of a prefab or weld-up steel building in Tyler, TX, however, doesn't stop with construction. You'll also save on insurance because steel buildings are considered a low-risk liability by insurance companies. Even property taxes are less expensive when you build with steel, rather than brick and mortar.

Inexpensive doesn't mean cheap, however. Your durable and weather-resistant steel building in Tyler, TX will do more than keep your building repair costs low. It will also ensure that your prefabricated or weld-up steel building is virtually indestructible.

Additionally, our pre-engineered steel buildings in Tyler, TX, are entirely flexible. We’ll design your construction project to conform to almost any type of structure you need.

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4 Reasons To Choose A Metal Building For Your Tyler, TX Construction


Corrugated metal and other steel building materials are non-porous. Stone, brick, wood, and even mortar are all very porous, which means that if dirt and grime get into it, it will penetrate deep beneath the surface.

Steel doesn’t have this problem. Dirt and grime come right off with a hose or pressure washer. This means less time worrying about cleaning the exterior of your building and more time focusing on what you want.


Because they’re easier to maintain, metal buildings are more durable than buildings built with traditional materials. Metal stands up better to all the weather that East Texas can throw at it, too. Rain rolls right off, and the buildings are impervious to high winds.

When you build with steel, you can expect a building that lasts a long time with minimal need for repairs. It lowers the cost of owning a metal building significantly.


The only limit on what you can build with steel is your imagination. While metal buildings have been popular for industrial uses for decades, churches, schools, and even homeowners are recognizing that it’s an efficient, cost-effective building material.

From a humble tool shed to a massive industrial complex, metal buildings can meet your building needs and then some.


Metal is a cost-effective building material, both during construction and afterwards. Its initial costs are lower, and the fact that it’s so durable and requires little maintenance contributes to its ongoing low costs.

Insurance companies also love metal buildings. You can expect lower insurance premiums when you build with steel, contributing even more long-term savings.

Steel Building Construction For All Your Needs

Metal Garages

Eagle Steel Buildings can design and construct a full-sized metal garage building to accommodate your vehicles–even if you have quite a few. A metal garage is a perfect place to protect your vehicles while also providing a good storage space for tools and other equipment.

Metal Storage Buildings

Eagle Steel Buildings can design and install everything from a metal shed to a complex of storage buildings. Steel sheds are cost-efficient and can protect almost anything stored within them.

Metal Barns

Steel structures provide farmers and ranchers a lot of value, both immediately and in the long-term. A steel barn can serve to store and protect both equipment and livestock, and Eagle Steel Buildings can provide a customized layout to help the building better suit your needs.

Metal Shop Buildings

Whether for commercial purposes or just to have your own workspace at home, a metal shop building is a cost-effective way to create a functional and usable workspace for you and others. Eagle Steel Buildings is ready to install a purpose-built shop for you or your business.

And More

Eagle Steel Buildings creates custom metal buildings in various sizes, from churches and steel aircraft hangars. If you’re planning to build with steel, we’re here to make it happen.

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