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More and more people are looking to metal buildings for commercial, industrial, and residential building.

Steel offers a variety of benefits over traditional materials. It’s easy to use and affordable…

It lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Eagle Steel Buildings has been helping East Texas businesses and homeowners design and install prefabricated metal buildings that suit their needs–exactly.

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Why Do People Build With Steel?


Your imagination is the limit when building with metal. Businesses and homeowners love steel because it can be built to suit almost any needs.

From warehouse storage to churches, steel buildings can do it all. Metal buildings have come a long way, too. They look great, come in a variety of colors and styles.

They can do anything–and look great at the same time.


People love steel because it’s stronger and lasts longer than traditional building materials. Wood, stone, and other traditional materials are porous, which makes them more susceptible to damage from rain and snow.

Steel has a nonporous surface. This makes it more resistant to rain and snow, prolonging the life of a metal building.


In both the short and long terms, steel is a more affordable building material. Prefabricated metal buildings are simple to work with. Installations don’t require a lot of manpower, making their installation more cost effective.

Metal buildings require less maintenance. They’re also cheaper to insure–all of which will lower ongoing costs for your new metal building.

Eagle Steel Buildings For All Your Construction Needs

Metal Carports

Whether a standalone structure or as part of a building, Eagle Steel Buildings can design and install a metal carport to protect your vehicles, boats, or other valuable equipment from rain, snow, and falling debris.

Metal Garages

Whether for storage or to protect your vehicles, we can design and install a custom metal garage that fits one, two, or three or more vehicles. Our designs can include storage and space for whatever else you need.

Metal Storage Buildings

Whether for your residential property or a warehouse, Eagle Steel Buildings has the experience and manpower to design and install a custom metal storage building. We can also design commercial and industrial warehousing.

Metal Barns

More and more farmers and ranchers are choosing to build steel barns. They provide superior protecting for equipment and livestock, all while providing a more affordable–and customizable–building.

Metal Shop Buildings

Whether for personal or professional use, we can design and install a metal shop building that you can use for whatever you need. The ability to customize your steel building will allow you to ensure that it’s perfect for your business or residential use.

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How It Works


You’ll work with Eagle Steel Buildings to design your building. Choose the size, layout, and architectural features, like doors and windows. Choose the colors and you’re ready to go.


After manufacturing your building, Eagle Steel Buildings will schedule a time to install it on your property. We’ll go over what needs to be done before we begin.


After your building is installed, you’re free to enjoy it. You have a lot of options about what to do with it, and these structures will stand the test of time.

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