Weld Up And Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings In Dallas, TX

These days when people are looking to build commercial, residential, or even industrial buildings, they’re looking to metal and steel to do it.

Compared to traditional materials, steel costs less, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain. It’s easy to see why so many business and home owners are looking to steel buildings when they want to build.

Eagle Steel Buildings is a metal construction specialist. We’ve helped people all over North Texas with fully custom metal buildings since 1996. If you need construction we can help.

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The Benefits Of Metal Buildings


Unlike traditional building materials, steel is non-porous. This means it’s less prone to corrosion, and often a rinse is all it needs to get clean. Steel just isn’t as susceptible to long-term wear and tear as wood and stone.


Steel’s one of the strongest construction materials available. It’s the undisputed champion for long-lasting construction. In Texas, that means it stands up to storms and even the worst inclement weather.


There are no limits to the kind of building steel can be used to build. Eagle Steel Buildings has designed and installed metal barns, churches, sheds, warehouses and more. Steel can always be molded into what you need.


Corrugated metal is a cost-effective construction material, and that means you can build more for less. Long term, steel needs fewer repairs and frequently requires lower insurance premiums, saving you money over time.

Eagle Steel Can Build

Metal Garage Buildings

A fully-enclosed steel garage is a step up from a carport. It offers the ultimate protection for your vehicle or boat, and Eagle Steel Buildings can add storage space for tools or a small workshop.

Metal Shop Buildings

Because metal is versatile and can be designed for a variety of uses, it’s perfect for a shop building, either for business or personal use. Eagle Steel Buildings can design a variety of shops, from automotive to woodworking.

Metal Storage Buildings

A metal storage building is a great way to keep your belongings safe. Eagle Steel Buildings can design them in a variety of sizes and styles that will complement your existing structures.

Metal Barns

Steel makes a great construction material for barns, whether you’re protecting livestock, machinery, or feed. Eagle Steel Buildings will be able to design a metal barn to suit your exact specifications and needs.

And More

Eagle Steel Buildings fabricates most any type of metal building. View all our options.

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