Prefabricated and Weld-Up Metal Buildings in Longview, TX

Eagle Steel Buildings is a full-service metal building manufacturer near Longview, TX. We specialize in crafting pre-engineered commercial and residential steel buildings. If you are looking for a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for your next construction project, look no further than Eagle Steel Buildings.

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Why Build With Steel?

More and more frequently, homeowners and businesses are deciding to build with steel. Not only is it an affordable material, it’s durable–and insurance companies love metal buildings. Their insurance premiums are some of the lowest available. Steel buildings are also:


Unlike wood and stone, steel is a non-porous material. That means that it’s resistant to both dirt and water. This makes steel buildings easier to care for–they often only require a hose to clean.


Because steel and corrugated metal are non-porous, metal buildings will stand the test of time. They’re resistant to inclement weather and other things that can damage stone and wood buildings.


Steel is easy to use and Eagle Steel Buildings can make just about anything you can dream up. Schools, warehouses, shops, garages–steel can be crafted into almost anything.


Steel is currently one of the most cost-effective materials available. It’s cheap to build with, cheap to maintain, and cheap to insure–all of which makes it a great choice for businesses and homeowners.

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The Eagle Steel Buildings Advantage

Building with metal is the most affordable option for a new construction project. Building materials are significantly less expensive than that of traditional construction. Additionally, you'll save on labor costs because our team can erect a prefab or weld-up metal building in Longview, TX, in less than half the time of a brick and mortar construction company.

Price, however, is not the only reason to build with steel. The durability of a metal building is unmatched. Our pre-engineered steel buildings in Longview, TX, are constructed to endure hail damage and high-speed winds. When you build with Eagle Steel Buildings, your metal building will last for life.

Our clients are not the only ones who appreciate the durability of a metal building manufactured by Eagle Steel Buildings. Insurance companies also trust the durability and weather-resistant quality of our metal buildings so much that they give out significant discounts for owning one.

Steel Building Designs For

Metal Carports

A simple covering can decrease your car insurance premiums while adding value to your home. These are quick to install–often taking as little as a day–and perfect for shade tree mechanics.

Metal Garages

Steel makes for great full-sized, enclosed garages. Eagle Steel Buildings can design one, two, and even three or four car garages that include storage and other features you want.

Metal Barns

Whether you’re a farmer or a rancher, a metal barn can protect machinery, feed, and your livestock from inclement weather–all while providing an excellent workspace.

Metal Shop Buildings

Whether for personal or commercial use, a metal shop building can be designed for exactly what you want to use it for–woodworking, mechanical repair, and everything else.

Metal RV Covers

If you’re an RV enthusiast, a steel RV carport can protect your investment and lower your insurance premiums at the same time. We can design one that fits your RV perfectly, too.

Metal Storage Sheds

Steel is one of the most popular materials for storage buildings, be they a humble garden shed or a commercial storage facility, and Eagle Steel Buildings can design one for your needs.

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